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Manga Studio EX 5.0.4 Image

Manga Studio EX 5 is a comprehensive application that comes in handy for artists who need to create incredible illustrations, comic, manga and graphic novels using an intuitive environment. It gives you the power and flexibility to easily create professional-quality comics, manga, and illustrations. Draw naturally using a tablet and recreate the incredible sensation of drawing on paper. Save time with thousands of built-in tones.

See your projects come to life when you choose from dozens of special effects and image adjustment features. Import and export to many common file formats including layered PSD, BMP, JPG, TGA, and PNG. Manga Studio is your all-in-one solution for professional, ready-to-publish manga and comics from start to finish, all with easy-to-use tools, filters and special effects. Download Manga Studio EX 5 free full version today.


System Requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium Processor or AMD Processor 500MHz or higher

RAM: Atleast 512 MB RAM minimum (1.0 GB or more recommended)

Space: 2.6 GB or more hard disk space (3.1 GB or more recommended)

Display: XGA (1,024 x 768), SXGA (1,280 x 1,024) 16-bit color display

Pen Tablet (recommended): Wacom Bamboo, Graphire, Intuos, Cintiq, PL series etc.

Printer (optional): 600 dpi or 1,200 dpi laser printer recommended.

Scanner (optional): TWAIN 32 compatible



Manga Studio EX 5.0.4 Screenshot


Installation Instructions:

1. Download all the files below by clicking the download button.

2. Install application by double clicking Manga Studio EX 5 Setup file with admin rights on your system.

3. Once the installation process is done, open the application.

4. Run the file “xf-sms504ex” inside the crack folder and then click on Generate, copy and paste it in to application. Click on “Register license”.

5. Select “Verify license right now” ==> Next and then Select “Perform manually” ==> Next

6. Click on “Activate” button and generate a activation code in the keygen.

7. Copy this code to application and click “Next”.

8. Do not update the application

6. IMPORTANT: Stop Manga’s internet connection with your firewall and open your general internet connection.




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