Celemony Melodyne 4 Studio CRACK plus Serial Key

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Celemony is releasing Version 4 of its legendary audio software Melodyne. It offers you the most extensive and powerful range of functions for editing vocals. You can only modify the pitch center, position and duration of notes. The sound quality of the edited audio and the ability to modify notes even in polyphonic recordings have turned Melodyne into a must-have tool.

It is also now possible to create new sounds, transforming Melodyne into a kind of audio-track-based synthesizer. It also extracts the pitch and the rhythm, and provides an area in which to play with the audio material. It incorporates amazing pitch and time stretching algorithms that are able to sonically adjust audio to extremes, without gaining distracting artifacts.

With the Sound Editor you can edit the sound of your recordings just like your music in a more musical, detailed and inspiring way. Adjust the level of individual overtones within each track, shape the basic sound of each instrument, relate the timbre or envelope of each note to its pitch, bring out the character of each sound source.

Celemony Melodyne 4 Studio Screenshot

System Requirements:

OS X – Intel Dual Core processor (minimum), 4 GB RAM, OS X 10.6.8 or later
Windows – Intel or AMD Dual Core processor (minimum), 4 GB RAM, Windows 7 or later and ASIO-compatible audio hardware


1. Delete previous version before installation!

2. Next open the rar file by double clicking it. If you can’t open it you need to get an archiver which supports rar files such as Winrar and extract.

3. Run the Installer!!!

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